Work Experiences Panel

Featuring Partha Unnava

recently named on Forbes 30 under 30 


BMED 1000 panel session held 9/25/13:

Five undergraduates tell their stories about their experiences working in the BME industry. The panelists are Jordan Garth, Saubhav, Frankie Swindell, Partha Unnava, and Andrew Varghese. 


Here are selected excerpts from the panel session, featuring members of the Better Walk team:

Persistence and dumb luck

Andrew Varghese explains how he landed an internship by telling a CDC scientist the story of how his BMED 1300 team mathematically modeled the cholera epidemic in Haiti.

 No one is going to hand you a job

Frankie Swindell explains how you need to go beyond simply submitting an online application; be active and explain why you fit the job and how you can help.

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